Special Olympics Workforce Audit report now available!

ParaCoach have partnered with Special Olympics to support the development of an eLearning course for Developmental Sports coaches. We designed a resource that coaches would actively engage with, exploring the Special Olympics coaching workforce.

To do this, we employed a two-part methodology. Firstly, we conducted an online survey with 275 SO coaches from across the globe. Following this, a number of participants were selected to partake in follow-up interviews, providing us with a deeper insight into coaching and the coaches working within the context of Special Olympics.

Key findings from the survey:

1.      Coaching is a blended profession

2.      SO have a well-educated workforce

3.      Coaches have a lack of formal coach education

4.      Gaps in knowledge were identified

5.      Coaches work with a wide variety of athletes

Key findings from interviews:

1.      Coaching philosophy of fun, enjoyment, knowledge transfer

2.      SO coaches are ‘more than a coach’

3.      There is a lack of a clear pathway into coaching

4.      Coaches commonly learn through informal means

5.      Coaches identified knowledge required to coach in SO

6.      Gaps in knowledge were identified

7.      Participants’ understanding and interpretation of disability varied

8.      Practice structure is similar to that in mainstream sport


To find out more and delve into the key findings, check out the report in our documents tab. Keep an eye out on social media to find out when the eLearning course will be released!

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